PULL THE TRIGGER: 3 Signs You’re Ready to Launch

Launching a new business or project can be so scary. You may find yourself cycling between excitement and anxiety. Eventually, you just have to pull the trigger and get started. Here are 3 signs you’re ready to launch:

  1. You’ve made a decision. You’ve made a business plan. You’ve done your research. You’ve already decided what, now is the when. Stop making excuses and finding ways to procrastinate (does your place “suddenly” need a deep cleaning?!?!). You have to start eventually, why not do so today.
  2. You’re waiting for other parts of the plan to come together. I know you have a massive plan. If you’re anything like me, your big picture looks more like a spider web than a straight line. But you can’t make progress in the bigger goal until you get started.
  3. You’re afraid or anxious. This is kind of a big deal. You’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and that should be scary, but anxiety subsides the instant reality starts speaking. For example, you can worry yourself about IF your audience will like your blog OR just post it and KNOW which posts they read and adjust accordingly. There is no space to worry when you know.

The most amazing thing happens when you get started – the energy you put into your business moves it along. So, quit being a punk!!! Feel confident about your goals. Know you have everything you need to execute. You’re ready… Pull the trigger.

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