5 Productive Uses For The Long Weekend

Long weekends, especially Thanksgiving weekend, are made for frolicking, napping, snacking, and shopping. I will ABSOLUTELY partake in each. However, when hustle is life, you can’t afford to let a long weekend go to waste. Here are a few other things you can do to make the most of this upcoming LONG weekend.

1. Start Planning for next year.

At the very top of my list is working on my mood & vision board for next year. I’m close enough to the end of the year to give myself a fair assessment about what I have done well this year and what I can do better next year. I also like starting this process in November so that I have the whole month of December to consider things I may have forgotten so I have a complete vision. Instead of waiting for January to scramble and come up with some short term “resolution,” I am going into the new year with a clear plan. Follow along with me as I set up my 2018 Pinterest board. (Check out my previous boards for inspiration)


2. Catch Up On Your To Do List.

We all have things we want to do but never seem to have a cache of time to do them. You know, things like redesign a website or work on a marketing plan. Now is the time to tackle some of those tasks.


3. Learn Something New.

Learning a new skill is likely one of the things that has fallen to the bottom of your to do list. Services like Skillshare, Masterclass, and Coursera have expert led classes on any topic you can imagine. I love online learning – I just bought DVF’s Masterclass and it was fantastic. The focus is on branding more than fashion, so it’s a great class for designers and non designers alike. The videos are short and you could knock them out in a single afternoon. If you aren’t into online learning, Ted talks and podcasts are great or just crack open a book!

4. Get ahead.

I have to be honest. The only time I’m worth a damn is when I’m ahead of the game. Take a bit of time to get ahead in whatever ails you. I’d like to knock out some blog posts, but I ALSO want to get ahead in some life stuff. I’m going to make a lasagna and freeze some so that as the holiday season gets busier, I can always have a hot meal, instead of resorting to fast food.


5. Get Organized.

(I need to…) Clean out that closet! Sort receipts for tax season. Clean off the computer desktop. Do all the things that will clear your physical and virtual space to make room for new energy and ideas in the new year.


We all love a nice long weekend. Why not make the most of it? Do a couple of these things and make the upcoming long weekend count.

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