3 Ideas for Gratitude Gifts

Let’s be real. Everyone won’t make the Christmas list. ESPECIALLY if you have a large family, or kids, there may not be enough in the budget to buy gifts for everyone who has helped you along the way this year. You can still thank those people in style:

1. Homemade

I love a homemade gift. It not only says “I thought of you,” but also “I made time for you.” All you need is a basket and or some mason jars.

For a person who always works late, throw together a basket of snacks that they can leave in their office. – You can grab everything at the Dollar Store or Home Goods (don’t sleep on their snack section). Bonus points if you make your own snacks, like my candied pecans.

For the person with a hectic life – a spa pack with homemade sugar or salt scrubs in a jar. Homemade gifts are super easy, but also thoughtful and special.

2. Handwritten

Sometimes, gifting is just as simple as saying thank you. Grab a pack of beautiful thank you cards from the dollar section of target or Home Goods / Marshall’s, a good pen or Sharpie, and thank people for the specific ways they have helped or inspired you this year. You could also buy a journal or calendar and write a sweet note on the first page.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a dollar store fish (and it was ugly – I laughed when I first saw it) with a handwritten note from my aunt telling me how proud she was that I left home and took a chance on being the “small fish in a big pond.” I read the note and LOST IT – I. WEPT. I don’t remember a single thing else I got that year. Trust me – just telling someone “I see you and I appreciate you,” is PLENTY.

3. Heartfelt

Think of a specific thing someone did for you and find a symbol as a gift. For example, if a coworker took you to happy hour to reward you for not killing your boss, buy them a nice cocktail shaker, again from TJ Maxx or Home Goods and fill it with limes and nip of patron so they can make their own margarita at home. It might keep them from killing their visiting family – happiness all around!! (If you put a note tag with a handwritten note around it, you hit all three of my tips!)


Don’t let your budget be a hater. Personalized, yet inexpensive, gifts are a perfect way to show gratitude to the people who have been a part of your journey this year.

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