3 Reminders of Your Dopeness

Look. This entrepreneurial journey is hard. I get it. I was there, I’m still there sometimes. But you are dope *insert flames emoji* Here’s why:

  1. Law school is HARD. The Bar Exam is CRUEL. You survived. You graduated. You passed. A lot of people didn’t. That already puts you in an elite group.
  2. You had the courage to say “fuck it, I’m unhappy” and MOVE ON. I can’t count the number of attorneys I meet that say they hate the practice of law, but have 20 years in the game or can’t think of anything they would rather do, so there they sit. Who wants to be unhappy for the rest of their lives?!?! I don’t care if you have 5 years or 50 years left on this earth, its too long to be unhappy.
  3. You’re multi-gifted. I know this can cause some confusion and feel more like a curse than a gift. I know sometimes you just want to be “normal” and happy with the status quo, but you’re not. So hang it up. Embrace your ability to switch it up. Run with the creatives at night and suit up when it’ time to talk your shit. You DON’T have to choose. You are both and that is PERFECT.

There’s no space in this journey for doubt. Everyday, remind yourself that you’re dope and prosper!

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